Sponsorship involves linking a generous benefactor (the godfather) with a needy orphan. The sponsor agrees to take care of an orphan for a minimum of 1 year.

This care must be translated into financial support that will enable the child to meet food needs, health care, education (tutoring, vocational training and scholarships), clothing and hygiene.

We continue to promote sponsorship ($ 50) per month of unapproved children of the Orphanage by families and to collect all donations (medicines, supply of educational material and small equipment: books, crayons, slates, chalk Etc. …) in order to send them in the best conditions, only one child out of five receives a basic education, the sponsorship is a way to give a face to your gift!


By committing to a minimum of one (1) year, you will give hope to Africorphans to raise a child in dignity, and offer him a chance to escape the spiral of misery. So you will give by your gift what to clothe, what to eat, what to look after, and what to study.

We estimated the minimum aid at a financial donation of $ 50 per month, or $ 365 for the year that can be paid in one or more times.

Note: it is possible to sponsor an orphan in a group.


Each year, you will receive a report on the health of your sponsored child, your progress at school, and the benefits of your assistance to the orphanage. By comparing the pictures, you receive each year, you will see the child grow up!


The child will be delighted that you write to him. Be brief, please, because your letters or postcards may be translated. The child you sponsor wants to know you better, have information about your family, what you like to do, where you live. To make it easier for the child to answer, ask him or her questions about his or her daily life, friends and favorite activities. Do not forget to do the following when you match:

1. Write the address of africorphans on the envelope
2. write the name and identification number of the child on the envelope flap;
3. Also write the name and identification number of the child at the top of your
4. Do not write your address on the letter.


If you are writing to the child, you should expect an answer. You will also receive a Christmas card, a progress report and a new photo of the child you sponsor each year. We invite you to be patient, however: the distance and the slowness of the postal services sometimes delay the routing of certain times.
Moreover, it is also possible (and desirable) that a correspondence should be established between the sponsor and the godson. However, this eventuality is not mandatory.

Three times a year, your godson writes to you. Through her letters and her representative’s comments, you can observe her progress and know the actions taken by the Foundation in the orphanage. If you wish, you can reply to his letters, send him postcards and photos. Correspondence is a direct link between the child and his or her godfather. It creates a more personal relationship between the two people involved. The exchange of letters and cards helps the sponsors better know the child. It makes these destitute children feel that someone in the distance thinks about them and cares about their fate. The program thus raises public awareness and involvement in international development issues and sharing with the poor. Sponsors feel that they are directly contributing to changing the lives of people living in a more challenging environment. It is an emotional commitment that goes


The friendship you give to the child is the best gift! Do not send parcels or cash, please, because customs fees are required. In addition, clothing or toys that the child would receive could isolate him or cause jealousy from his comrades. If you wish to send small gifts, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Send only flat, inexpensive items that can easily be inserted into an envelope of approximately 16 x 24 cm;
  • Some suggestions: photos, bookmarks, stamps or stickers;
  • Never send cash
  • Send your envelope to the address in the child’s photo file;
  • Be sure to write the name of the child you sponsor and the identification number on the back of the envelope.


Yes. We will issue a tax receipt for all
In the first months of next year, so you can add it to your income tax return.


If you have any questions or comments regarding your sponsorship, please call us to speak to one of our Donor Service agents at 1800-532-7153. You can also write to us too.


Yes. Such a visit would be unforgettable, for you and the child you are sponsoring! Please contact Africorphans at least three months prior to your departure to arrange your visit. Our colleagues abroad will then be able to point out to us any provision in view of this one.


The child you sponsor, the orphanage and his community have a lot to do, until the sponsorship goals are met. The ties you will make with the child will undoubtedly last for several years. Your donations help to improve the life of your sponsored child, family and community.

Helping the child you sponsor produces lasting change. The length of time your child needs your assistance differs with each situation. Usually, godparents help a child until Africorphans has achieved the project’s objectives. The end of a project means that Africorphans is ready to continue its work alone, ie it has become autonomous. We ask you if you want to sponsor another child who needs your help.

We are, however, very anxious that the orphanage and its community will say “Thank you for your love and support, you have helped us to take back the upper hand.”
Thank you, once again, for your continued support.


Poverty affects more than 50% of the population of its countries. The result: 27% of children under five were underweight; One in five children die before the age of five and the average life expectancy is 47 years. Thousands of children die from malnutrition. Less than one in seven families has access to health care within one hour of travel, and only 25% of the population has access to safe drinking water. In addition, poor drainage systems, uncollected waste and lack of sanitation have caused the spread of malaria, diarrhea and other similar diseases.

Food insecurity is a constant concern for an increasingly large part of the population, and the AIDS epidemic is gaining in importance.


The rights of children are protected under the African Charter on
The child, which is written according to the cultures, traditions and values of Africa and includes a concrete definition of childhood. It also focuses on the best interests of children and addresses the most pressing issues relating to African children, such as begging, child soldiers, early marriage, child abuse, neglect, abuse, Imprisonment and education.

More than 95 per cent of girls have been subjected to genital mutilation, resulting in various health problems including chronic infections, difficult births and often death.


Violence against children manifests itself in a number of ways:

  • Commercial sexual exploitation,
  • Deportation and separation caused by war,
  • Genital mutilation of girls and women,
  • Child soldiers,
  • Abuses, whether physical, psychological or sexual, are all hard but real examples of situations faced by thousands of children in Africa.

Africorphans believes that children have the right to live without violence. Companies should encourage the creation of an environment where children can develop and grow with dignity and self-esteem.

NB: It should be noted that all funds are managed by a Board of Directors and verified by the General Assembly. Your personal information is treated confidentially, your mailing address or email address and contact information will not be shared with any other organization
XIV. Save Time and Money!

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This will reduce our administration costs, so we will send more money abroad to help children. Join sponsors who contribute with their credit card or checking account.


  • Mode A: Credit Card
  • Mode B: direct debit
  • Mode C: payment by check (Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or
    2 write the appropriate information (credit card or checking account);
    3 sign the coupon;
    4 return it to us in the enclosed envelope.

That’s all! Your contributions will be automatically debited each month.
A little gift … for you!

To show you how happy we are that you have joined the automatic debit, we will send you a magnet frame for the picture of the child you are sponsoring. Thank you for helping us keep our administration costs to a minimum.

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